“Richman” is a blockchain application game, It is one of the ecosystem applications based on the GST digital gold settlement system. It integrates functional modules such as games, entertainment, payment, e-commerce, and communities to gradually expand the ecosystem. With a relaxed and lively game style, it has created two game roles: owner and miner. The miners can work in the game to speed up production in the mining area while getting corresponding rewards without paying other costs. The owners provide miners an opportunity to obtain rewards by operating the mining area. The mining area produces ore and allows the mine owner to obtain more substantial profits. “Richman” has strong gameplay characteristic and high playability. While earning profits in the game, it popularises the knowledge and operation concepts of digital assets. It is a quick and easy way for users to learn the benefit of digital asset and enter the token economy.

With the increase in the number of participating players and the increasing size of the community, “Richman” will be more focused on the community in the iterative process. In addition to the owners and miners, there will also be legions adapt to real world merchants. In the game, players fight for continents and territories, the high-quality goods and other post-dividend benefits brought by it will award to the winning players.