Be a pioneer of the FinTech Revolution
The innovation and development of Financial Technology in the last decade has occurred disruption and transformation in most of the industries. We have the confidence to win in this competition with you together.

About Us

Great Mountain Holding Group Limited was established and incorporated in the United Kingdom since 2015, committed to researching and promoting the reform model of technology and finance. Over the years, we have cooperated with many companies to transform the traditional model into a disruptive new business model. For example, we cooperated with a real estate developer to launch real estate tokenisation project in 2017.

On the other hand, we are studying and paying attention to the business model, regulations and opportunities of open banking. We believe that 2020 is the years of great opportunity in the history of open banking.

A Novel Banking Solution

OPEN BANKING concept cell background 3d illustration

  You may ask:

  • What is Open Bank?
  • What can an Open bank do?
  • How to benefit the users?
  • What is the current regulation?

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Digital Currency Card

Apply and open a UK personal Visa card or corporate MasterCard account within Minutes. You will be requested to apply KYC process and once opened, you will have your card after 3-5 business day by post and after activated the card, you will have your own account number, sort code, swift code.

With this card, you can save digital currency and spend it in real life. It’s important to implement tokenisation.

This services is coming soon in the near future

Asset Tokenisation

A new term “tokenomic” (token economic) is a great innovative business model to offer greater liquidity, faster cheaper transaction, more transparency and accessible to benefit to all stakeholders of our economy.

About GST

  Gold System Token is a digital settlement system based on blockchain technology that serves the upstream and downstream industries of gold and technology finance. It is a new system which aims to improve the circulation and settlement of traditional gold assets.


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Publicity Document

The publicity documents of GST will be downloadable once it’s launched. And it will be updated correspondingly. 

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Download a wallet

Download GST wallet which allows you to send and receive GST.

Add GST to a wallet

Once your waller is downloaded and activated. You can add GST via our third party services.

Send Receive with Wallet

The process of sending GST is very easy. You need to send receiver’s GST address in you wallet, input the amount, confirm address and send.